Who is Pictan ?

Pictan is the First Marketplace where you can do business with the plated jewelry supply chain.

Pictan is a platform that comprises the best fashion jewelry manufacturers from Brazil, mainly those in the plated jewelry clusters of Limeira – SP and Guaporé – RS, thus putting together metallurgy experts, creative designers and skilled operators who are committed with the so much desired retailing success.

How do I buy plated jewelry at Pictan?

Click on My Account (at the top of page) to register yourself, then click on Login and fill in the blanks with your data.

Search for models, check minimum quantity and production time of each item that may be of your interest.

Confirm your purchased items in the cart and pay through the platform.

You’re done! Now just wait until your order is delivered to your address. Our team will keep you informed throughout the process.

Start buying now!

Why buy through Pictan?

You can buy online

in one single transaction, from several Brazilian suppliers

No matter where you are

you have an online platform that you can access at any time

Safely receive your orders

wherever you are, counting on full time Pictan support.

How do minimum quantities apply to my purchases

How do minimum quantities apply to my purchases?

Each one of the platform suppliers establishes their own rules, either on dollar amount or physical quantities. Don´t worry, the platform will provide you with the necessary information once you start filling your cart.

Security is top priority at Pictan

Security is top priority at Pictan

The customer can track the shipment using a tracking code and Pictan is responsible for the order arriving safely in the destination country.

What happens if I get a defective product

What happens if I get a defective product?

In the manufacturing process, minor losses or damages may occur. If it exceeds 5% of the parts, Pictan will intermediate the replacement or generate a credit for a next purchase.

Easy to Pay!

You can either pay through wire transfer, credit card, or through Paypal.

Reliable Shipment Procedures

Follow your shipment using the tracking code and let us handle it. We are responsible for making your shipment arriving safe and sound at final destination.